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The Twobadours

Petaluma Rivertown Band

Larry PottsLarry and train
Larry Kenneth Potts

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter

Americana, New Folk, Country, Jazz & Pop:

Trains. Dogs. Hats. Adventure. The Sea. Soldiers.
Love. Getting Old. Quirky Frontier Characters.
Tributes to Land and Place. Wild & Silly Humor.
Progressive Social & Political Commentary.

In the News

Featured in Neighborhood Now, December 29, 2009

Featured in Petaluma Magazine, Summer 2008 (pdf)

Featured in Petaluma Magazine, Aug/Sept 2005 (pdf)
Featured in Petaluma Magazine, Spring 2004 (pdf)

Featured in Press Democrat, March 2006 (pdf)

Featured in Press Democrat, February 2004 (pdf)

Featured in Argus-Courier, October 2006 (pdf)
Featured in Argus-Courier, May 2006 (pdf)
Featured in Argus-Courier, February 2005 (pdf)

Featured in Argus-Courier, February 2003 (pdf)

Featured in San Francisco Chronicle, August 2006 (pdf)

Featured in West Coast Songwriters Newsletter, May 2006 (pdf)

House Concerts—Festivals—Parties—Coffeehouses—Schools—Business & Service Groups

Contact/Booking: Larry Potts ph: 707-762-0852 / cell: 707-695-4939
Albums: Itunes, Cdbaby/lkpotts, Amazon
Label: Full Range Music


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View L.K.Potts's Sonicbids EPK
View L.K.Potts's Sonicbids EPK