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Newsletter Dec 5, 2009: "Larry Potts' New Album Release & Gigs"

Dear Friends:
At long last, my three-year record project has come to a close.  That is, "CLOSE TO HOME"
has finally arrived. 
You can get it at CD BABY:  for only $9.95 (recession price...
...until I get my bailout money)  (AND SOON on my website/paypal for the same price--and,
three for $25.)  All songs can be downloaded from CDbaby/Itunes.  
14 original songs, acoustic-folk roots with blends into Country, American, Pop, Jazz and Blues.
I'm very fortunate to have collaborated with multi-platinum Grammy Winner and hit songwriter/
producer George Merrill of Boy Meets Girl on this album ("Waiting for A Star to Fall" and Whitney Houston Hits "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and "How Will I Know, among many others, and legendary producer/multi-instrumentalist Kevin Harris of Harwood Productions, Martinez;  co-written also with fellow songwriter Scott O'Brien. So many hundreds of hours writing, producing, mixing, in three different studios, with 10 musicians.  This was truly a team effort, and I believe the work has really paid off.  The production on this album is, as the critics at CdBaby say, "TOPS!!"
On-the-album song topics:  a songwriting muse, Grandma's quilts, 9/11, a cowboy love-lost
lament, a global-warming statement, an uptempo dog song, a very romantic sailing getaway  tune, a rockin' sea shanty about HBO's "The Deadliest Catch", a sexy/sensual jazz love song, a blistering satire on Wall Street greed, the story of the quirky frontier stagecoach robber/poet Black Bart (see his pic when arrested in l883 in San Francisco), a pop wedding song, a tribute to a great old hardware
store that burned down and was rebuilt, and a touching dedication to an elderly family member who had lost her entire memory. 
If you buy this album, listen and like it, and for those who already have it through local sales or promotion, consider leaving a review under L.K. Potts Close to Home.  This is one of the most important ways an indie artist gets noticed and advertised in a postive way.  THANKS!
OTHER NEWS: A wonderful article was written by Barbara Arhon in the Sonoma Seniors Today
December issue entitled "Prescription for Healing:  Writing Songs"--After a fulfilling career as
a teacher and counselor, Larry Potts becomes an award-winning songwriter."  The article details
my songwriting career that began 10 years ago (at age 55) and also highlights track #14 on the album, "The Story of Your Life" about an elderly family member who lost her memory.  Check it
out on "Council On Aging/Sonoma Seniors" December issue.
GIGS:  I'll be playing at a "Save Schollenberger Park" event at 399 Western Ave. at 4pm on Sunday
             Dec. 6 in tandem with my good friend George Merrill.  There's a very passionate movement
             here in Petaluma to stop an asphalt plant from being built right next to the Petaluma River,
             the extremely popular Schollenberger Park, and literally on top of an Egret rookery.
             Imagine a 24 hour clank and roar, belching foul odors (think asphalt roofing smell through the
             whole city) The Sonoma County Supervisors are poised to vote on modifications to the plant,
             all the while covertly (and transparently)  supporting the project despite overwhelming
             objections from Petaluma City Council, and surrounding cities.  We'll do some eco-conscious
             FEB 12:  CD RELEASE PARTY--Petaluma Art Council building (a wonderful big venue)
             at the corner of Lakeville and D Streets.  I['ll be playing with the full band, and calling up
             select musicians for particular songs.  We'll rock the night away.  Tickets (707) 781-3272.
All my best to everyone.  May there be peace and hope in the holiday season and the new year.
Don't hesitate to contact me and tell me what you think of the album, should you buy it.