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Close To Home

   She's the Song    Grandma's Patchwork Star
   Since Then    Hear Me Out
   Close To Home    Please Notice Me
   Another Perfect Day    Hold Fast
   What Did You Have in Mind    Snake Oil
   The Ballad of Black Bart    Take It To The Heart
   Hometown Hardware    The Story of Your Life

She's The Song - (L. Potts/G.Merrill)

Kevin Harris-solo guitar

A tribute to my songwriting muse--and the joy
of having this mysterious force show up in my life.

Well you might say she comes right out of nowhere
I think she likes to take me by surprise
When I get out of my own way--open up and let her play
I know she's gonna send me on a ride

She's the song in me--how I love to be
Taken by her words and melodies
It's easy to see--she makes me want to sing
Lifted by those magic music wings

Yeah I spend my share of midnight on the dark side of the hill
Swore that hidden sun would never shine
Feelin' lost and sinkin' low--halfway down a dead end road
Come the dawn she saved me one more time (chorus)

I guess there really is a muse in music
To me she is alive as she can be
Once I learned to trust her voice it's all she wrote I had no choice
Thanks to this amazing mystery (chorus)

She's right there in everything I see
She's the everlasting lovin' song in me

Grandma's Patchwork Star (L. Potts/G.Merrill)

L. Potts-acoustic guitar, Gus Garelick-fiddle & mandolin

In memory of my Grandmother Susie Lloyd,
a blue-ribbon quilter who left us an
inspirational legacy through her art and life.

Grandma made ends meet with a needle and a thread
I swear there wasn't anything she couldn't stitch and mend
She left us with a lovin' legacy
Homespun masterpieces on a treadle machine

Grand Prize winners--Best of Show she swept the county fairs
Ordinary scraps became designs beyond compare
Her quilts could bring a tear to every eye
Especially that treasure I remember her by

A blaze of patchwork stars--across a field of blue
I marveled how she stayed the course to see each one through
She said I can't afford to let things fall apart
So I do the best with what I have and find a place to start
And the pieces came together on Grandma's patchwork star

She was pushin' 97 when we saw her way back then
Her fingers gave up workin' but her will would never bend
I gave my solemn word I'd keep it safe
Until the hard times hit us and I sold the star away

Now out there in the valley it's on some collector's wall
And I'm livin' with the loss--I guess that says it all
Then I step outside to see the Winter sky
And the heavens make it crystal clear what Grandma left behind

A blaze of patchwork stars--across a field of blue
A tapestry of colors all the angels would approve
When my crazy world's about to come apart
I make the most of what I've got and find a place to start

A gift by any measure--the one I'll hold forever--
Yeah the pieces come together on Grandma's patchwork star

Since Then (L. Potts/G.Merrill)

This song is dedicated to the memory & families of the
nearly 3,000 Americans who perished in the tragedy of the
Twin Towers on 9/11, and to our struggle as a nation to
understand the meaning and significance of this event

We stood like stones on that September day
Skyline of smoke towers up in flames
Blindsided by the dark side of faith
And we all knew we'd never be the same

Since then--we've been stumbling in the night
Took so many wrong turns tryin' to get it right
Got to believe we can find our way again
For all we've lost --for what it's cost
Since then--since then

There's a picture in his trembling hand that hero was his dad
There's a mother's tears fallin'on a neatly folded flag
There's another family just like mine grieving in Iraq
And the winds of sorrow move across the land (chorus)

Deep beneath the twisted steel they barely heard his call
And the whole world rejoiced when they saved him after all
Let's get back that common ground it opened up our hearts
Break this spell together that's kept us in the dark

Since then--we've been searchin' for a light
Took so many wrong turns--tryin' to get it right
Got to believe we can find our way again

Since then--the picture's comin' clear
Since then--it's about where we go from here
Since then--the dream of America again
Since then--since then

Hear Me Out (L. Potts/G.Merrill)

Kevin Harris-guitar & b/g vocals

Love does mean saying your sorry, even when it's a lost cause.
It may be the illusion of "if only's". But, I think. just because
the message isn't received doesn't mean it isn't worth sending.

First light--early frost--wings in the morning sky
Never know--when they'll go--all at once they fly
I should've seen it comin'--I'll take my share of blame
If I'd only made more sense at our front door that day

Now I've been searching for the words to say what's on my mind

Hear me out--hear me out
You're my every reason why
We've come to far to say goodbye
Still time to make it right--hear me out

If I had an answer--I'd give it straight to you
Maybe we fell out of touch the way some people do
By the time I saw your pain you were mostly gone
I only wish you hadn't tried to hide the hurt so long

Will you give me one more chance to say what's on my mind

Hear me out--hear me out
You're the best thing in my life
Don't just leave without a fight
Still time to make it right--hear me out

Summer's been a scorcher--and that's just fine with me
I kept your garden goin' --it's the only spot that's green
Our weddding picture hasn't moved--I still feel the same
I guess I'm chasin' rainbows thinking' you'll be back to stay

But if you turn and walk away we'll always wonder why

First light --early frost-- wings in the morning sky

Close To Home (L. Potts/G.Merrill)

George Merrill-b/g vocals & keyboard

In recognition of Al Gore's tireless fight to help us to
become more awake and aware of a looming global catastrophe.

Close to Home--so close to home

Let me ask of us gathered here today
Can we bring the balance back we lost along the way
And runnin' short on answers we wait another day
But it's close to home--so close to home

I see the ice is melting the oceans comin' up
Storms getting' stronger there's devastation done
And the ones hit the hardest have nowhere to run
Clost to home--so close to home

Back in l854 Chief Seattle said it first
The earth does not belong to man--man belongs to earth

The truth is inconvenient now it's something we've got to face
A do or die scenario for a fragile rock in space
Set aside our differences so we can save
Our home--our only home

Let me ask of us gathered here today
Can we get the balance back we lost along the way
This is our home--our only home
Close to home--our only home

Please Notice Me (L. Potts) v.2

Bruce Kurnow-harmonica, Kevin Harris-guitar

Imagining from my great dog Shasta's point of view (Shepherd/Husky/Wolf, 100 lbs. of NOTICE ME), who parked himself outside my bedroom like a great white polar bear, and every day found his way into my heart.

I'm you're best friend and I never fail I always wag my friendly tail
When you come walkin' through that door its pretty clear what I'm here for
I'm right here I'm in your way here's hopin' you will make my day

Please notice me--please notice me just look my way please notice me
Scratch my belly and rub my ears take your choice of canine cheer
Let's celebrate these doggone years please notice me why don't you notice me

When your people world gets rough I'm all ears and standin' up
And you know you can count on me to rescue you from misery
I'm right here I'm in your way here's hopin' you will make my day (chorus)

What'll we do it's your decision 'cause I give love without condition
Maybe I am just a dog but I know how to keep my job

My secret plans include some trouble to get you runnin' on the double
Chasin' critters chewin' shoes I mastered my own ways on you
I'm right here I'm in your way here's hopin' you will make my day (chorus/tag)

Another Perfect Day (L.Potts)

K. Harris-guitar, B. Kurnow-harmonica

Here's to all the real or fantasy sailors out there: a romantic escape

Blue sky sunshine and everything is all right now
Your smile lucky me when you're here by my side

Changes on the water there's something' in the air
The way you looked at me today I see you everywhere
Cast away those worries set this dry land loose
Sail away to paradise hand in hand with you

When love-- love is on the way another perfect day (chorus)

Across the wide pacific flyin' on the wind
A billion stars that light the way for lovers to begin
When love-love is here to stay another perfect day (chorus)

Anchor on a moonlight bay our own white sand beach
Free at last sweet romance it's up to you and me
When love--love is here to stay another perfect day
When love--love is on the way another perfect day

I confess what I'm up to I can't take my eyes off you
Life's a dance love's so true nothing' baby we can't do
Another perfect day--

Hold Fast (L. Potts/G. Merrill)

Kevin Harris, George Merrill & L. Potts b/g vocals

Written about the Bering Sea fishermen on Discovery Channel's
"The Deadliest Catch" created by Tom Beers.
This one'll put a little swash in your buckle. Harrrrh.

The Bering Sea runs steep and black
A Dutch Harbor deckhand turns his back
Swept away to the briny deep
Rockin' in the cradle where dead men sleep

Woman like a statue waitin' by the phone
Whole fleet caught in the teeth of the storm
Everybody knows it's a do or die race
Man overboard from a monster wave

Hold fast--steady now don't give in to the icy blas
Until the morning comes--hold fast

Dreams of love and summer skies
Only a glimmer in a shipmates eyes
Worn to the bone by a northern gale
On a rusty bucket with a mermaid's tail

Fortunes come and fortunes go
Sometimes nothing' left to show
When the fishin' goes from bad to worse
Gonna get hammered by the captain's curse (chorus/tag)
Until the morning' comes until the day is won until the season's done

Raise a glass to all around a damn good time in this old town
Here's to the ones the seas have spared tip my hat to the fisherman 3x

What Did You Have in Mind (L. Potts/G. Merrill)

Michael Whitwell-flugelhorn

In memory of Michael Whitwell, outstanding musician,
teacher, great guy, lead horn at Harrah's South Shore room for
15 years, with the likes of Frank Sinatra & Tony Bennett.
A prized student of Petaluma's trumpet jazz master Peter Welker

Over your shoulder holding my gaze
I'm lost once again when you catch me this way
Like a dream so familiar and new every time
What did you have in mind

I thought I was strong but I can't resist
The thrill that takes over the moment we kiss
Call it surrender a dance so divine

Turn the lights down low let the music play
'Cause I'm under your spell for the rest of my days

Sailin' along at the edge of the sky
The closest thing to heaven a slow and steady climb
Out among the stars and saved just in time
Totally out of our minds (chorus)

Over your shoulder holding my gaze
I'm lost once again when you catch me this way
Like a dream so familiar and new every time
Just what we had in mind--just what we had in mind
Tell you what can't get enough it's like we've just begun
Tell you what can't get enough of this crazy thing called love

Anticipating always on the line
Just what did you have in mind--what did you have in mind

Snake Oil (L.Potts/G.Merrill/S.O'Brien)

Clarinet-Charles Moller, Guitar-Kevin Harris

What's more to say about the economic meltdown (and near worldwide
ruin) engineered by those profligate profit czars, who hoodwinked
regulators and stuffed their greedy pockets with cash, all the while deceiving
shareholders and hypocritically extolling the virtues of laissez-faire American
capitalism. Such snake oil salesmen are straight out of the mid -l9th century.

From AIG to Ponzi schemes a champagne toast to Wall Street greed
Serve it up with a smile that bottle full of perfect lies
Don't it look don't it smell like snake oil--oh yeah--it's snake oil

Bernie Madoff had some fun got the goods on everyone
Inside his satchel you will find the slickest plans to steal you blind
Don't it look don't it smell like snake oil--oh year--it's snake oil

Regulators fast asleep with all the companies they keep
The SEC got taken in poisoned by hypnotic spin
Don't it look don't it smell like snake oil --sssss-- snake oil
Talkin' that talk sellin' that walk on snake oil

CEO's on easy street ridin' high on bailout treats
Inside traders get the gold mainstreet's left out in the cold
Feed the rich and starve the rest on snake oil 'fat cats' on snake oil

Ol' Kenny Lay he cast a spell
The ghost of Enron's knockin' about to raise some hell hunh!

Predators in plain disguise one last bambooozle slip and slide
It's a clever breed of lowdown crooks and a bottle full of snake oil -uh hunh-
A good ol' fashioned underhanded hornswogglin' and I had my fill of snake oil
Let's pour out that snake oil--no no no more snake oil

The Ballad of Black Bart (L. Potts/S. O'Brien)

Bruce Kurnow-harmonica

Black Bart was a quirky, grandfatherly, gentleman-like stagecoach
robber who had a grudge against Wells & Fargo and held up over
two dozen stages from Duncan's Mills to the Calif. Gold Country & up
to the Oregon border. What sets him apart was that he never fired
a shot, never hurt anyone, and left a poem at the scene of his robberies.

Devil moon on a lonely stretch of the Red Bluff Shasta Road
Masked man waitin'at the crest of the hill where the horses pulled up slow
He stepped out of the shadows his shotgun plain to see
'Said driver throw that strongbox down--if you please

The ladies cried out lord have mercy now our time has come
But the jewels and purses they tossed out he gave back one by one
He said my dears I mean no harm I beg you'll pardon me
My quarrel's with the big boys of the stagecoach company

Black Bart Black Bart a frontier legend from the start
A highwayman with a taste for art
A crime and a rhyme to make your mark
There's a riddle inside your outlaw heart--Black Bart

West of Copperopolis he made his great escape
When a rifle bullet grazed his skull and he still walked away
He dropped his knapsack grabbed the gold and vanished in a flash
They chased him sixty miles and lost the bandit and his cash (chorus)

Later they would find where the "PO 8" left his sign
For the Wells and Fargo line:

Oh I've labored long and hard for bread for honor and for riches
But on my corns too long you've trod you fine-haired sons of bitches

Twenty-eight times he robbed a stage and never fired a shot
And despite the grudge he bore a killer he was not
It was 1883 in the City by the Bay
When a laundry mark on a handkerchief gave ol' Charlie Boles away (chorus)
Black Bart--Black Bart--Black Bart

Take It To The Heart v.2 (L.Potts/G.Merrill)

Background vocals-George and Hillary Merrill,
Guitar: Gary Grubb-guitar solo, John Morton-rhythm guitar

A love/wedding song originally written for my son and daughter in law,
now with more univeral lyrics. We think it might be a fit for one of
those romantic comedies with a happy ending.

Who knew on the day they met
They'd light a fire they would never forget
One long kiss n' they were fallin' for sure
Romancin' in the moonlight and love is the word

You can see it down the road when it's right you really know
Bet your bottom dollar it was perfect from the start
You can take it to the heart--take it to the heart

Her friends noticed the smile on her face
His buddies missed him and got on his case
Sayin' what's goin' on bro is this the real thing
Next time they saw her she was wearin' his ring (chorus)

Love has found a way-- to this wedding day

Was it chance or was it fate
Either way their lucky day
Looks like their dreamin' paradise
That blue sky high-steppin' dance of life (chorus)

Stars shinin' down now bound to be a hit
No hesistatin' just lay your money on it
You can take it to the heart--take it to the heart
Take it--you know they're gonna make it-take it to the heart

Hometown Hardware (L. Potts/S.O'Brien/G. Merrill)

Charles Moller-clarinet solo

Dedicated to Jeff Tomasini's great old Petaluma Rex Hardware
& Country Store which burned to the ground '07 and was rebuilt.
To quote Joni Mitchell, "you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.."

Down around the corner there's a well-known secret place
The household name is Rex the neon sign says Ace
The kids love that ol' polar bear propped up by the door
You got friendly at the counter expertise out on the floor

When my honey-do list goes unaccounted for
And I need a do-dad gadget for my home improvement chores

It's my favoriet hometown hardware store
A sorta funky kinda junky shop for either or
Just perfect for a fix-it jockey getting' saddle sore
It's my favorite friendly hometown hardward store

When you just got to have the right tool for the job
When nothing's on the level and you need a new plum bob (chorus)

No need to be gloomy no need to be glum
If you build it we will come

Yeah the big box trend has been pushin' at our heels
But a million square feet has a mighty empty feel
They say it's nothing' personal it's just the bottom line
Might be there idea of fun but it sure as hell ain't mine

I like my shoppin' chances with some magic in the aisles
A little howdy neighbor and the sale comes with a smile (chorus)

It's that brand spankin' tail waggin' gimme five celebratin'
Favorite friendly hometown hardware store
Hometown hardware hometown hardware store 3x
atmosphere and more

The Story of Your Life (L. Potts/M. Potts)

Piano-George Merrill, B/G vocals-G. Merrill & H. Merrill

A true account--dedicated to my wife Margaret and her wonderful
relationship with her own mother Margaret Hansen-- and to all those
who support loved ones afflicted with memory loss.

The call came through at half past two 'said your mother's wide awake
She brightened up she spoke your name can you get here right away
The road went on forever to that home up on the hill
And down the hall room 213 it was like the time stood still

I could see a spark of wonder light up those old eyes
When she searched to find her words it was then I realized
The memories she'd counted on lay locked behind a door
She said what did I do? where did I go?

Let me tell you the story of your life
Let me lay down here beside you and we'll go line by line
I know you're not afraid--I'm with you all the way
Let me tell you--I can tell you--let me tell you the story of your life

Your father was a railroad man on the move from town to town
You skipped around to thirty schools no time to put roots down
A child yourself you raised up your sister and your brothers
You never turned away from a world put on your shoulders

You listened to my every hope and prized my childhood dreams
My ups and downs my winding roads you were right there for me
And it makes me glad I have this chance to hold your story now
We'll turn those pages one by one and we'll get through somehow
we'll get through somehow

Let me tell you the story of your life
Let me lay down here beside you and we'll go line by line
I know you're not afraid--there's angels on the way
Let me tell you I can tell you--let me tell you the story of your life
let me tell you the story of your life

All Things Considered

   3804    That-A-Way
   Captains of the Dream (Lewis & Clark)    Simply Beautiful
   I'm American Too    Late in the Game
   Hats    Don't Let Love
   High Sierra    Strawberry Dress
   Don't Count Me Out    Great Big Empty
   Baby of the Brigade    Our Last Walk
   Home to Oregon    All Things Considered

3804 - (L. Potts)

Braced against the rain and rust out on that dead end spur
A target for the taggers - a shame to be endured
Pushed you off among the weeds - said you were too old
Aside that lonely depot they left you in the cold

3804 - you don't come through anymore
I long to hear your lonesome call
- the rhythm on the rails
One last run to Rivertown
- then they shut your diesel down
You've seen better days ol' 3804

Born inside a molten fire - Pittsburgh '48
The boom was just beginnin' - progress wouldn't wait
Racin' south from Erie - west through Abilene
Fifteen hundred horses hitched to pull the nation's dreams
"What a sight to see"

(Repeat chorus)

See our treasured past
Out there on the track
Remember - oh - Remember

A hundred tons of steel on wheels and sixty cars behind
Rollin' up like thunder - Northwest Pacific Line
Haulin' lumber beef and hay along the Redwood Way
Served a half century 'til they sidetracked you that day

Chorus (3):
3804 - now I wonder what's in store
I still miss your lonesome call
- the rhythm on the rails
Make your home in Rivertown
- it's here they shut your diesel down
Take your place in history ol' 3804
Take your place in history ol' 3804

That-a-Way - (L. Potts/K. Harris)

Captains of the Dream (Lewis & Clark) - (L. Potts)

Simply Beautiful - (L. Potts-for Margaret)

I'm American Too - (L. Potts)

Late in the Game - (L. Potts)

Hats - (L. Potts)

Don't Let Love - (L. Potts)

High Sierra - (L. Potts)

Strawberry Dress - (L. Potts/S. O'Brien)

Don't Count Me Out - (L. Potts/R. Fromer)

Great Big Empty - (L. Potts)

Baby of the Brigade - (L. Potts)

Our Last Walk - (L. Potts-for Shasta)

Home to Oregon - (L. Potts)

All Things Considered - (L. Potts)


All Things Considered


The Shape of Things to Come